A lot of you might know Becky. A hundred thousand of you, to be exact.


After amassing an online following,  Becky Hayter was introduced to a world of individuals with a vast spectrum of stories, problems, issues, and truths. Each day, she’d receive countless direct messages and tweets from strangers, and spent months engaging in honest, open, and resonant conversation with people from around the world. After a brief but inspiring hiatus from Instagram, the stories stayed with her. While she may have silenced the voices for a bit, she knew the voices deserved to speak. This ultimately motivated her to create a platform for people of all backgrounds, colors, creeds, handicaps, and personal struggles to come together in equality and uniqueness alike. 


Laura Carrione, a screenwriter and cable news producer, was drained by the daily cascade of bad and seemingly cyclical news she was tasked to report. Fearing platforms to convey inspiring stories were growingly increasingly scarce, she didn’t hesitate when Becky reached out with an idea. Spirited by the chance to write the kind of content that encourages - rather than discourages – Laura knew others would share in the same fervent feeling.


And, with that, For The Hayters was born.

Though Becky and Laura once walked down three separate and distinct paths, theirs crossed upon realizing they all shared a passion for one simple but unifying thing: telling a story.

Becky Hayter

Founder, Creator & Host