Changing the way we view life, both online and offline.

For The Hayters is here to start the right conversation; to try and change the connotation of a word that has done our society harm (“hater”), in an effort to turn it into a word that means the opposite (“hayter”); to do a society-wide about-face and course-correct, together. 

We strive to help walk people out of the darkness and into a life of light. With social media as pervasive – and frankly, permanent – as it has become, we’ve realized this crucial change in perspective starts and ends online. In encouraging people to share their stories – however raw – with each other, we hope to begin a dialogue about the things that matter most.

This dialogue extends to the classroom, lecture hall, or stadium. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking and being enlisted to speak at various schools – from local high schools to state colleges – and have recognized the importance in turning our online initiatives into a real-life lesson plan. Our carefully-crafted presentation touches on facts about social media usage and influence, and incorporates many of our show’s guests’ stories. Complete with exercises that inspire young, impressionable students – in different stages of their formative years – to connect with one another more deeply, and listen more closely.

If you are interested in booking us to speak at your institution, either email us at info@forthehayters.comor fill out the submission form below.

Our message is a simple one: you are not alone. Thank you for wanting to help perpetuate this.

Much Love,

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