Adam Hyndman - Good is the defeater of your great.

Adam Hyndman is a great many things: A talented singer and dancer. A man of God, and an advocator of faith. A young, gentle soul, with the wisdom of an old one.

What he isn’t, though, is good.

Good is the defeater of your great,” the Broadway performer tells us, nestled into a corner nook in his quaint Upper West Side apartment, across from blown-up playbills and colorful theatre posters that set the scene.

Adam is referring to settling – something he was, at a time, no stranger to. A Princeton University graduate, Adam – like many others before him – moved to New York City from his hometown in rural, NJ, with a packed bag and a dream. Instead of pursuing it, fearing the disappointment of his own potential failure, he took the path most traveled: he found himself a job within the corporate sector of the fashion industry, and cozied himself into a career that was sustainable, success yielding, and safe.

But Adam was anything but good.

“I just wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be, because I wasn’t fulling my purpose,” says Adam. “So I told myself that if I started today, in 5 years, I could be on Broadway.”

Adam did just that. He quit his Public Relations job at the Marc Jacobscorporate office, and dedicated his mind, body, and soul, to training. Exactly five years later, he had turned his dream into a reality. With roles in “Aladdin” and “Once on This Island,” Adam has undoubtedly fulfilled his purpose, becoming the Broadway performer he always knew he was meant to be.

Today, Adam Hyndman is great.

Adam shares with us the piece of advice that inspired his decision: “Growing up, my father told me that it doesn’t matter what you do. As long as you pursue your passions with excellence, everything else will be taken care of,” he says, with an infectious smile and a remarkable spirit. “You have to listen to what you’re drawn to.”

Though it was his time, energy, and effort that unequivocally secured his spot on stage, Adam attributes his faith, family, and friends to being just as pivotal in his process. “You can’t celebrate your accomplishments without other people. Nothing is for yourself. We can’t live in a vacuum.”

Tune in to For the Hayters on Wednesday, May 8thto learn more about the artist’s path to performance, how he’s handled any resistance along the way, and what’s motivated him to live as wholly, faithfully, and purposefully as he does today. Adam is truly a class act, whose messages are eloquent and powerful, and leaves us all feeling a renewed sense of spirit. Don’t miss what is, no doubt, an inspiring episode.

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