Colleen & Mo - The Joys – and Jobs – of Motherhood

“Did you know grapefruit lowers the effectiveness of contraceptives?”

Our guest, Mo, found out the hard way.

This week, the ‘For the Hayters’ team meets with Moreen, her mother, Colleen, and her daughter, Olivia, for a Mother’s Day Special. We explore generational motherhood, and learn of the differences between varying experiences with pregnancy, labor, and afterbirth.

Mo, a career teacher and mother of one, 1-year-old Olivia, was surprised to learn that she was pregnant with her first child after having taken Plan B. “Plan A is Abstinence, Plan B is the pill, and the Plan C is a child,” she jokes. “I had Plan C.”

Despite being ill-prepared and utterly blindsided, the 28-year old speaks highly of the surprise – attributing motherhood to being the missing piece to her puzzle.

“Mentally, something was not there. I just felt like something was missing,” she says of her life before Olivia. “Then I got pregnant – and even though I wasn’t the most positive person about the pregnancy, and as much as my life got turned upside down – the second I saw that heartbeat, it was game over. I wasn’t sad anymore.”

Mo’s free-spirited mom, Colleen, who’s mothered five other children, echoes her daughter’s sentiments - and shares how even pregnancy, to her, was a blessing: “I liked pregnancy. It’s so wonderful. I didn’t think it was bad; I actually enjoyed it,” Colleen tells us. “I don’t even have any stretch marks,” she playfully adds.

But Motherhood isn’t all fun and games, the mother-daughter duo assures us.

“Your hair falls out after you give birth. You never sleep. There’s a lot that people don’t talk about,” explains Mo.

In many cases, the real battle is fought during afterbirth. Mo and Colleen, both professional caretakers of children, detail how their professions miss the boat on maternity leave.

Despite the challenges these mothers have faced, though, the two simply wouldn’t have it any other way. When asked for words of wisdom to impart on other moms, seasoned or new, the duo had no shortage of advice:

“Remember that you are the best mother for your kid,” Mo tells us. “Don’t judge how other mothers parent.”

“Understand that you’re getting one of the best gifts in the entire world,” Colleen adds.

And if you weren’t sold yet, we ask the adorable Olivia for her own two-sense, who spares us a squeaky “hi” so cute it could melt the arctic.

Tune in to the hilariously raw Mother’s Day special on, ‘For the Hayters,’ coming Wednesday, May 15th.

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