Jill Harpin - BYOC; The paralyzing truth about dating

Jill Harpin was an avid hiker. In fact, she’d climbed Mount Washington – the highest peak in the North East – on ten different occasions.

But after a fall during a girls’ trip to Mexico in 2016, Jill knew her she would likely never see the top of Mount Washington again.

“I had gone out on our hotel balcony to make a phone call, and I did something every single one of us has done. I’d been leaning against the balcony ledge, and I simply used my foot to lift myself on top of it so I could sit. I lost my balance, fell off the balcony, and was immediately unconscious,” recounts Jill of that fateful moment.

Jill was effectively rendered permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

Three years later, the financial analyst from Connecticut is still just as active. Today, she boxes, rock-climbs, ziplines, and even competes in races. Her activity was documented in a three-page People Magazine spread, which you can read here:

But her active nature extends far beyond the field. She’s just as active on dating apps.

“Dating in this age, in this swipe-culture, isn’t easy. But all of the ways my paralysis has affected my life, dating seems to be among the least,” says Jill, as she indulges us in hilarious accounts of her (quite copious) dating experiences.

Jill joins ‘For the Hayters’ to share her story of how her condition has brought with it a newfound confidence that helps her navigate today’s dating world. From sidesplitting pick-up lines, to awkward first dates, Jill sheds light on her dating chronicles, and life after her accident as a whole:

“I used to only swipe right on guys who were over six feet tall…but, uh, my standards have lowered a bit.”

Tune in to Jill’s episode on Wednesday, March 20thto hear about her accident, her recovery, and one very valuable lesson:

“You just have to rollwith it.”

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