Kate Austin - Rejected by Family Because of Love

The Bible teaches us to love.

So how could it be a problem that we do just that?

This week’s guest, social media influencer and self-proclaimed, “big fat Lesbian,” Kate Austin, exposes this very contradiction.

The Ohio native - who’d been baptized and raised in the strict born-again Christian faith - spent many years suppressing – and neglecting – the truth about her sexuality. When she finally decided it was time to be true to herself, it, sadly, resulted in a dissociation from her family.

Today, she is not only out and proud, but a committed and active spokesperson for those whose voices continue to tremble in fear.

It is no coincidence that Kate’s episode releases in the midst of Pride Month. For those of you who may be unaware – or perhaps strive to remain blissfully ignorant to the larger cause - June is the one month each year dedicated to celebrating those who have fought their way through the darkness and into a lighter life. In this month, we memorialize those whose legacies have paved the way for us all to live truer, happier lives; We rejoice in the progress this world has seen, and revel in the visibility we’ve achieved.

I say “we” purposefully; because Pride is about far more than sexuality, gender, orientation, or preference. It’s about inclusion, not exclusion. Because pride, broken down to its simplest form, is about love.

And if God teaches us anything, it is to do just that.

Tune in to this week’s For the Hayters episode on Wednesday, June 12th to learn more about Kate’s story - and how she went from quiet and closeted, to loud and proud. Be sure to listen to our podcast conversation on Thursday, June 13th, where we discuss the perhaps not-so-irreparable rift between religion and the LGBTQ+ organization, and explore ways of achieving a better, more open conversation.

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