Morgan Hanbery - More behind the makeup.

Many of you may know Morgan Hanbery – or, CarelessMorgan – as the breakout YouTube star with a biting wit and a confidence that is utterly and completely contagious.

With over half a million subscribers, she is no stranger to attention. Her Bulls*it Makeup Tutorial series garners as many as 2 million views per video, and often features creative challenges – like tackling the application of makeup with her less dominant hand - and MTV celebrity guests like JWOWW. In a world where beauty tutorials are not exactly scarce, Morgan’s make-up (both disposition and foundation alike) is about as rare as a loyal concealer.

Morgan portrays an unshakeable sense of self in her videos, coupled with an infectious comedic element that leaves few to question her success. Her online series has received acclaim from Bustle, Popculture, and the Shorty Awards, where she was nominated as a ‘Breakout YouTuber;’ her makeup technique, unsurprisingly, has been met with similar praise - with Morgan having shared her expertise with the likes of Marie Claire and TeenVogue.

But there is much, much more to Morgan behind the makeup.

Morgan joins For the Hayters to tell the side to her story few may know: her mother, regrettably, suffered from a long-time drug issue.

While she tried her best to shield her brothers from her mother’s destructive habit, it was her loving grandparents who ultimately rescued Morgan and her siblings from a situation that, at 21, still leaves her riddled with confusion, and in search of answers.

Though Morgan interrupted her regularly scheduled programming two years ago to introduce the topic of her mother in a cathartically raw YouTube video that left her – and her audience - in tears, she dives deeper into the story today. She tells us of the relationships she now has with her brothers, her grandparents, and, even, her mother.

Morgan Hanbery might be a person of tremendous talent, humor, and confidence – but she is, despite her hardships, a person of gratitude: “I’m grateful to be able to walk, to speak, to feel, to see, to hear. I’m grateful that I’m on this earth. I’m grateful for the people around me,” says Morgan, in what is undoubtedly an inspiring message to all.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday, April 24th, to watch Morgan’s vulnerable episode, and learn more of the star’s incredible story.

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