TaLisha Grzyb - BYOC; Rolling Through Life

Sometimes, all we can do is roll with the punches.

TaLisha Grzyb, star of her own YouTube channel, Rolling Through Life with TaLisha – a platform dedicated to sharing her unique story - knows this all too well. A lifelong patient of Muscular Dystrophy, the 27-year old mother of three is confined to a wheelchair.

But while her condition might confine her, it certainly doesn’t define her. TaLisha joins For the Hayters to reassure us of just that.

“My strong spirit has made up for my weak muscles,” TaLisha tells us, sitting in a chair even cooler than Becky’s orange Salvation Army purchase.

On our latest installment of our Bring Your Own Chair series, TaLisha explains what the condition – with over 30 reported types throughout the world – has meant for her. Though Muscular Dystrophy - the weakening and ultimate breakdown of one’s muscles over time - has rendered her unable to walk, TaLisha has still been able to pave her own way.

Having dormed at college – where she met her future husband and father of her three adorable sons – TaLisha found ways to live a successful and fulfilled life. A pioneer in her own right, TaLisha paved the way for others, too. She’d inspired her alma mater, Widener University, to become a handicap-accessible institution, allowing future students to find comfort and normalcy during their stay in college.

While TaLisha does her best to assure others that her life can be as normal as she chooses to make it, she’s quick to acknowledge – and make the most of - her unique situation:

“I realized that having a disability was not something to mourn, but rather a gift from God that needed to be appreciated – because it was only given to special individuals with a special purpose in life,” she says of the condition, which is deemed “rare” by the CDC. “I knew that I had Muscular Dystrophy because I had something to learn, and something to teach,” TaLisha adds. “From that point forth, I made it my purpose in life to inspire others.”

And the spirited young mother, no doubt, does just that.

“I may have Muscular Dystrophy, but Muscular Dystrophy doesn’t have me.”

Tune in to the third installment of our BYOC series on Wednesday, June 5thto learn more about the hurdles Muscular Dystrophy can create, and how TaLisha’s rolled through them with grace.

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