Think Before You Act

Mike Wojcik was once a wrestling champion.

A lifelong athlete, in 2008, he was set to begin teaching PE and working as an assistant wrestling coach. For Mike, it was his dream come true.

Three weeks before the start of his career, the course of his life changed forever. Spending a summer weekend in August with friends at a cabin in Pennsylvania, Mike took a ride on an ATV.

Mike’s friend – who had been driving the vehicle - had also been drinking.

Soon after, the pair crashed into a tree.

Mike suffered three broken ribs, collapsed lungs, broken clavicles, many facial fractures, and other minor cuts and bruises.

However, that was the good news. He suffered two ruptured arteries – one to his right arm, and one to his brain. The doctors determined three-fourths of the right side of Mike’s brain had been destroyed.

Today, Mike can no longer speak.

For the Hayters tells his story for him.

While Mike no longer has a voice, he certainly has a lot to say. The now-motivational speaker has made it his mission to tell his cautionary tale with the help of others, and has even given a commencement speech. Using written word, we were able to get answers from Mike to the many questions we had for him.

“Many people do not live the life they want because of decisions they have made,” Mike writes us. “My goal is to get everyone to realize this and make better decisions, because decisions shape your destiny.”

Mike started the Think Before You Act campaign, and sells yellow-colored bracelets to help cover the cost of his ongoing therapy. If you’re interested in learning more and lending a hand, please watch our video and feel free to reach out to us directly at

Because Mike was unable to join us for this week’s season-ending podcast, the three of us used the time to reflect on our FTH journey. From the lessons we learned – to those we hoped to teach – we discuss the many inspiring experiences we’ve shared together since we began, and touch on what’s to come in the future.

Don’t miss Mike’s powerful episode on Wednesday, July 17th. And always remember: think before you act.

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