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Oct 24

in Death

On August 26 I was heading home. The cop car that arrived at my house passed by me.... that's the only funny part. When I got home the officers wanted to do a welfare check on my roommate, me and him
Sep 27

i haven’t ever told anyone what truly happened, i have always made excuses for him. we were together for a couple months, happy as ever. he did have some things on his background that i should’ve ju
Aug 2

Growing up I was always very close with my parents but I was especially close with my mom. We did so much together. I lived in a nice house, I had plenty of friends, we went on family beach vacations
Jun 21

I have not been on here for the longest time. But I wanted to say that today I broke free. On the 26 of June I was going to have 10 years in an abusive relationship..and yes it has been all 10 years..
May 1

22Q Syndrome is a rare disability I have it effects my heart and learning . And I am trying to raise an awareness about it on my social media because I think everyone gets to have a voice/story to sha
Apr 17


Hi guys, I thought I would write because since I last saw you all some things have transpired and it made me feel like I wanted to write to you to possibly share my story on your show. I’m not sure if
Apr 7

Saying goodbye sucks. It sucks even more when there’s no closure. I met a friend 6 years ago. He was this stand-up guy with whom I shared so many interests. Even the most important part of our spiritu
Oct 22

in Death

9 years ago this month my life changed in a way I never saw coming....back then. July 25th I got the call that broke me. It was my dad’s 53rd birthday. I was going to stop by his place on my way home
Sep 23

in Other

I am currently raising a family members child. My husband and I have never been able to have children which has been crushing at times but we have made the best of it. Well about a year and a half ago
Jul 24

I have Celiac Disease. Which is an auto immune disorder. When I eat gluten (wheat, barley, rye, malt and some oats.) my body attacks itself. For a long time I was told it is in my head and anxiety.
May 15

Hello everyone, my name is Danielle and I live in Massachusetts. I figured I'd share my story because I still feel lost and I think it could help someone struggling. I was a sophomore in college, and
Apr 27

My wife and I have been together since we were 16. We are 22 and 21 now. Married 3 years in May. Recently we've been having some issues... One evening I woke up from a nap and 10mins later a cop was w
Apr 10

in Other

I don’t know exactly where to start and every time I speak about this all I want to do is cry because I don’t know where in life I went wrong. I am 33 years old single mom of a 16 year old boy. I live
Apr 7

in Other

I feel It fit to start this by saying that unlike thousands of others in this world I am very blessed to have good health, a stable home life, a great support system and a fulfilling career. Because o
Oct 18

We have done statistical surveying and discover best inversion tables in 2018 to enable you to spare time. We have considered numerous sites, master feeling, wellbeing site, recordings, explore pa
Sep 12

Hello, Im trying to live my life being the best mother I can be to my 10 year old son. I was 16 years old when i met my sons father and I was with him since then. I have went through ALOT of crap with
Jul 7

in Death

September 2008 (18 y/o)- I fell in love with a girl & started my first “same sex relationship“ & I finally felt happy & like MYSELF. my Mom found out (the girls mom found out & came busting in my home
May 9

My name is Olivia , i am 23 years old and i live in New York! I’m not really sure where my story begins, so I’m going to start with as early as i can remember. Thinking back, as Long as i can remembe
Apr 26

in Other

Hello everyone, My name is Jillian, I am 38 years young and live in Florida. I am a firm believer in... you never know what someone is going through or what they have been through by the smile they (
Apr 9

I have been in a 10 year relationship with someone I didn't know was an addict...I will fast forward to 2 weeks ago when he admitted to being an addict and getting help.. his been receiving outpatien
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