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Aug 2

Growing up I was always very close with my parents but I was especially close with my mom. We did so much together. I lived in a nice house, I had plenty of friends, we went on family beach vacations
Feb 11

I grew up in a "normal" family, at least that's what it looked like from the outside looking in...I had siblings & parents that were still together. Growing up I knew there wasn't something right with
Jan 25

When I was little my mom and i lived with my grandma, grandpa, uncles, and aunt. 2 bedroom house yet we all made it work. I rarely saw my mom she would be out or sleeping at my dads apartment. I was a
Jan 17

"My story begins when I was born into a home with severe domestic violence, though I will not go into to much detail there were numerous occasions where my mom would end up in the hospital. Everyone i
Jun 21

I have not been on here for the longest time. But I wanted to say that today I broke free. On the 26 of June I was going to have 10 years in an abusive relationship..and yes it has been all 10 years..
Feb 3

Growing up I was sheltered, home schooled my entire life, I never saw the inside of a public or privet school my entire life, my graduation was done on a Sunday during a church servic...if you can eve
Jan 24

Ive typed out the things I wanted to say three times. Three times I've deleted it.... idk if it's fear or shame or both... I'm an adult survivor of abuse. An adult child of an alcoholic & I've broke
Jan 13

Growing up is tough, everyone knows that. Growing up with parents who have an addiction is even tougher. As a kid I was mom to myself, my brother and even my own mother. She and my father have addic
Mar 6

How do you not feel alone when you walked away from what completed you . At that time i didnt know i tought i was doing the right “thing“ i didnt want to hurt my mom more . I thought more about her ha
Jan 29

When I was 4 years old, I should have been worrying about what toy I was going to play with next or what adventure would I go on outside tomorrow. Instead, I was worrying about talking to a detective
Jan 19

It all started when my parents were fighting . This time it was really bad , they were throwing things at each other . At the time me and my sister were hiding in bed rooms . Then it got really quite
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