We encourage you to contribute to – or even start – a conversation with others; to share your story here in an effort to help others feel related to, and, conversely, to gain the support you may be longing for. If even just one person could be reminded that they are not alone in this world, we’d consider this a success.

We understand that telling your story may be hard, especially in a public forum. If you’re someone who would like to share your story, but remain private, please email us at We will post your story through our ‘For The Hayters’ profile, so that you may share with full anonymity. You know your story matters; We know so, too.

Oct 24

On August 26 I was heading home. The cop car that arrived at my house passed by me.... that's the only funny part. When I got home the officers wanted to do a welfare check on my roommate, me and him
Apr 7

My dad was diagnosed with ALS in 2010. I remember him calling me on my birthday to tell me. We weren't super close but finding out your parent is terminally ill still crushes you. The average lifespan
Feb 3

Many people growing up don’t expect to lose anyone close to them especially a parent or guardian at a young age. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer when I was seven years old. I understood that she was s
Jan 16

My name is Aimee and i would like to share my story about my son Fletcher. So at the age of 21 i was working as a Nanny for a lovely family in London, everything was going amazing. After a few days o
Oct 22

9 years ago this month my life changed in a way I never saw coming....back then. July 25th I got the call that broke me. It was my dad’s 53rd birthday. I was going to stop by his place on my way home
Feb 18

Words are something when placed together properly, can bring joy, hurt, knowledge, and power. As a writer, I find joy in written word, and love to express myself as often as I can. When I first saw th
Jan 30

When I was 21 years old, the worst thing in my life happened. The night before my boyfriends 22nd bday, he was killed by a drunk driver. We’d been together for 3.5 years & lived together. I’d recently
Jan 13

I’ve been through hell for the past 5 years... my husband killed him self leaving behind our 2 daughters who are now 8 and 6. I have a child with my previous fiance of 5 years. She’s almost 4. I feel
Jul 7

September 2008 (18 y/o)- I fell in love with a girl & started my first “same sex relationship“ & I finally felt happy & like MYSELF. my Mom found out (the girls mom found out & came busting in my home
Feb 3

My story is a sad one. I live everyday with a piece of my heart missing. Everyday is a struggle. I have gone through something in my life that has forever changed me as a person. Something that no par
Jan 17

"My dad died 2 months ago. He had cancer, and it was expected, but still unbelievable at times. And I just had a baby in July. He lived far away and so I would send pics of her to him via text. Now ev
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