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Feb 13

Admitting you need help


I have never had issues with anxiety/depression. Once I finished nursing school and entered the real world and started my career is when I started to become triggered. I would like to say im pretty self-aware when it comes to noticing my faults and doing something about them. But as someone who takes care of other people, why have I become so hard on myself to seek my own treatment? It feels like defeat and that my problems are no where near comparable to the average person. I do not want to sit infront of the shrink about my daily life troubles or disturbances. So I sit home and dwell on the fact of my increasing feelings. I went to my primary doctor and he told me that I really need to seek help. I am scared. I dont want to go on meds. I dont want to burden someone else of my life issues. I hope soon enough I can make a change and step into the right direction and to feel better about myself for once.

I completely understand what you're going through. I have dealt with depression, severe anxiety and anger issues. A primary care doctor doesn't care about your mental health. They just shove all of that under a rug. I didn't want to see a shrink either. I hate talking about my issues and other things I'm dealing with. Let me tell you, it has helped SO MUCH. It's not as bad as you think it is. It's a stranger, they're trained to help with all kinds of mental issues. It helps soooooo much to get things off your chest. If you let it all bottle up, everything will spill out eventually, and probably not a good way. Don't let these issues take over your life. Seek some help, there is someone out there who will help. I hope everything goes well in future <3

Feb 13

They want me to see a psychiatrist.. im scared I wont connect well with one. I understand needing to shop around for the right person though

this is what I am going through RIGHT NOW!! Been battling since I was 13. Fought the fact I had to take meds and would go on and off until I accepted that that was just how I was wired. Tried therapy a few times and looking back, I didn’t find the right one . It’s soooooo hard to go in there and then ya do and you know it isn’t a fit. It takes what little energy ya have left in you to make the appointment and get there !!! Geesh. you leave feeling so so defeated. I decided at the end of last year I was putting all my chips in and gonna try one more time to find a therapist and counselor that work together rather than going to my family dr and tell him I cry all the time and he gives me something! Best thing I did for myself in a long time !!! I’m in a field where I help people as well, its what makes me tick because I felt and still do feel that I’m not worth fixing..... but I am and so are you!! You can do it and you are worth it!!! I’m screaming this from INDIANA!!!! If I could drive you and sit I waiting room until your appointment was over I would!!! Bless you’re heart. I’m a work in progress and still working on truly believing I’m worth it! I feel the best I have in over ten years! I will keep you in my thoughts !🙏🏽

Feb 14

I went ahead and made an appointment

YAYYYYYY!!! I know you don’t know me but I’m proud of you! Not easy to make that call!! I will send positive vibes that it’s a good fit and youll be on your way!!!

I am a nurse too and completely understand this! Does the facility you work at have an EAP program (basically therapy through the job that is free and confidential) and they can help you get set up with someone you would like in the community. And as far as therapists are concerned try a few out until you find one who works for you. It’s not always the first or second one. As nurses we will come in contact and see things that will affect us as humans, and we have a certain right to assure we are caring for ourselves too, so that we can give our patients the best care! Good luck! There is nothing wrong with seeking help! I’ve done it many a times!

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  • Hello, Im trying to live my life being the best mother I can be to my 10 year old son. I was 16 years old when i met my sons father and I was with him since then. I have went through ALOT of crap with him. I had family telling me to move on with your life stop being blind by "LOVE". It took me a VERY long time to get to this point in my life where I can finally say I can see everything much clearer now. I grew up so fast and having my son at 18 just took alot from me. I had an addiction problem and I got help for that and still going strong! My sons father has the same issue and he just cant get a hold onto his addiction. I cant change him and he wont change not for his son. I feel guilty at times because of my son having to go through this with his father. My sons father has been in and out of his life. I cant stand to watch it. I live with my parents which I am so thankful for them helping me. I have issues with my parents as well which is a challenge. I have dealt with depression my whole life and its been a struggle and my parents cant wrap there head around my mental issues and we fight all the time. I have went to therapy many many times and I have to say i have learned a whole lot about my self and others and just life in general. I have gotten a decent job a year ago and now i have a full time position and I thank god for that. Im trying to keep my head up high throughout all this, but i just need that extra hand or help to get me through this and i dont have friends or family that can really understand my issues. I started to listen to Kaitlyns podcast with guest Becky and I just enjoy listening to it every morning :) you a'll are so funny and i LOVE IT!! each and everyday is a challenge, but I need to keep my head up high for my boy that i brought into this craziness of a life of mine..
  • Hey everyon! So i I shared my story on the “ your life stor “ section but I’d thought I’d share it here too. I wanna reach as many people as I can to show you that no matter how hard life may get or the depression, you will always come out on top. What I didn’t share on that part was that I was diagnosed with severe depression, severe anxiety and PTSD. I was told by my therapist that I am the definition of PTSD and if he had to explain what it was to someone he would tell my story. Which that right there should tell you a lot. But anywho so where do I begin. My life is just a book in its self. I’ll start from the beginning. Elementary school was when it ALL started, didn’t know heading into 4th grade what kind of ride I was in for the rest of my life. I started getting bullied by this kid who constantly would walk around making himself look pregnant and say “ look I’m Kayla “.. every single day he would do this, so other kids would join in and make fun of me. Telling the principal and teachers did absolutely nothing. He continued to torturer me for the rest of the year. 5th and 6th grade where just as bad, I was constantly called names such as “ Lard ass, Fatty, biggums” and many more.. as you can tell I went through hell through those years, not knowing more was coming that was just the beginning. I was heading into middle school now thinking things were going to be different and boy was I wrong. My new name was Piggy not Kayla but PIGGY. Everyone called me that even my own “Friends”. I wanted friends so bad that I let them call me it. I was miserable, sad, depressed and just let it continue. Now I’m headed to high school where it’s supposed to be the best times of are lives, but for me they where the worst YEARS of my life. I became the water girl for the football team and I regret doing that every day. The boys would say “ go get me a cheeseburger, I know you have one on you” . I absolutely hated myself, I attempted suicide 4 times throughout my high school experience. And when you have your own “father” not in your life and that does nothing but degrade you and makes it known that he doesn’t want you , just adds fuel to the fire. If my own father doesn’t love me then no one else will. But I survived all of that I came out on top. I went on to do a tour and shared my story saving young girls lives being there person, the person I always needed. I took a break for a few years, now I’m 22 years old and my story is far from over.. July 21st 2018 my life changed forever.. I was in a horrific car crash, was hit by a drunk driver, they thought I was dead on the scene. I had a broken wrist, neck, Clavicle and the worst of them all is my right arm is paralyzed. It’s been a very rough few months, Learning how to adapt to this new life of only having the use of one arm, the pain is unreal and I’m in pain throughout the day. I get barely little relief. The Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, it’s like I’m a toddler all over again. And even through this whole traumatic thing I still have haters people who just want me to fail even more . Saying things such as “ Karma is a bitch” and many other things. But I survived again and I’m still surviving, nothings EVER going to break me. I will always come out on top and be a survivor. I hope I’ll be able to help others again and teach them that no matter what to stay strong and believe in yourself. You will survive whatever you’re going through, you will win this battle. I believe in all of you!
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