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We understand that telling your story may be hard, especially in a public forum. If you’re someone who would like to share your story, but remain private, please email us at We will post your story through our ‘For The Hayters’ profile, so that you may share with full anonymity. You know your story matters; We know so, too.

Jul 24

I have Celiac Disease. Which is an auto immune disorder. When I eat gluten (wheat, barley, rye, malt and some oats.) my body attacks itself. For a long time I was told it is in my head and anxiety.
Feb 18

I’m now 25 but two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My husband and I had just gotten married And we were starting our lives together. Getting a diagnosis of any kind is super
Mar 20

I can't do this anymore.. It's all coming to a head 💔
Feb 1

I had my first child just 2 weeks short of my 20th birthday- I feel my pregNancy was pretty easy, other than the kidney stone/kidney infection that I couldn’t take any pain medicine for. After my deli
Mar 7

As I begin to share my story I can't help but cry. I have so many medical issues and some I have had my whole life. The one that really is hard is infertility. I was told at 19 that I could never have
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