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Hi My Name Is Dolores I'm 48 years old. Im a Survivor and I Am Enough. I was sexually abused by my Father from the age of 3-16 years old when it resulted in me having a child by him. My Mother knew of the abuse she wouldn't sign the adoption or abortion papers. I had to wait until I was 21 to do it and relive the pain of seeing that little girl everyday. My so called Mother Loved her more then she Loved me. It's pretty sad that we are only given one Mother but she is suppose to protect us she didnt. I tried to commit suicide to forget about the pain. If it wasn't for my Grandmother who raised me and said I have to have Faith and told me that I Am Enough. Who knows where I would be but the Grace of God I survived and I am a better person today. Because I didn't let them break me. I ended up giving her up for adoption she was given the life that she deserved and the Love from someone who could Love her. I hope I can be some kind of hope for someone who is going through what I went through there is Hope You Will And Can Survive It. Have Faith and know your strong and You are Enough! Thank You!


You are, without question, enough. I am so happy that, despite the unimaginable things you've endured, you still have such faith in God. Enough to forgive and move forward. You are an amazing example to us all.

Brave share i understand and validate your amazing journey. Thank you

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  • The last few years of my life have consisted of a whirlwind of milestones scattered with abuse. After my junior year of college I was heartbroken and lost and after finally letting go of an emotionally draining on and off relationship I decided to take time for myself. I spent the summer and the remaining months working on myself until my senior year began. Sometime in mid August, I was swept up by a guy that ended up doing more harm then good. I was told he was great, and that he would treat me like a queen, yet all I got in return were vague messages, new insecurities and a flood of doubt as I begin to watch him drift away as other girls closer to him began to peak his interest. 6 months came and went and I found myself heartbroken yet again 2 days before my 22nd birthday. February ended and I slowly began to deal with the mess that unfolded 2 months before my college graduation. To this day it pains me to think that in May of 2018 I made the worst mistake of my life. I allowed myself to let my guard down and let myself get distracted by a boy who shall remain nameless. He made me feel like I was worth something, but something in my gut told me something was not right. Those feelings that I had were right. After two months of back and forth I finally agreed to date him, and dismissed these feelings as insecurities caused by past relationships. For 3 months I found myself constantly battling my inner emotions to be with someone I did not love. After being contacted by an ex boyfriend and realizing that I was still not over the past I decide to end things once and for all with the unnamed boyfriend. What should have been a simple breakup became 1.5 years of grueling abuse. I was stalked, harassed, threatened, and manipulated. I was told I was a prize, and it was said that if I didn’t get back with him suicide wold be the only option. As a self respecting educator as well as a decent human being I did not want this outcome, so I reported these matters to my school. The issues were temporarily resolved, until I again found myself tangled in a web of lies. I lost friends over this matter and for months I believed that misery was a norm and that this is how everyone felt. I was a shell of myself, lifeless, scared and trapped. Time passed and I graduated with my MAT in 2018. I got away from the toxicity at my school, and I began to rebuild. In September of 2018 I connected with a guy that I happened to go to college with. We ran in the similar social circles, but we never friends. Though I was warned that I needed time to myself something in my gut told me to go on a date with him. Trusting myself was the best decision I could have ever made, because from our first date until now James has brought nothing but laughs, smiles and pure happiness into my life. His personality and demeanor made me feel alive again. My attitude changed, personal goals and overall moral. He supported me and pushed me to finally take the steps I needed to resolve the issues I had been facing for once and for all. I am a huge believer in personal growth and self advocacy, but I will never be able to find the words to say how much I love and appreciate every bit of sunshine and happiness James has brought into my life. The door to my past has finally been sealed for good and I am now in a place where I am enthusiastic to see the bright future ahead.
  • My first intercourse with a man was a rape. My body responded with anxiety. Then my body made a connection with sex and anxiety. It never went away and now I am 34 years old. Never had intercourse besides rape. I did had relationships but I couldn't deal with the intimacy. I feel so alone and weird. Like i'm an alien or something. Hate myself for letting him making me feel this way. I had relationships as I mentioned but they understood for only a couple of years. I'm my head every man was a rapist. Even the one that I called my boyfriend. So you can see why they've all ended. And now I am single after the last one didn't understood it at all. Thought I was making it al up. And his reasoning was that I was cheating on him. Because he couldn't understand that vaginismus is a thing. This was the last stroke for me. I went into severe depression. I only wanted to die because I'm so different from everyone. Now my depression is over and I'm still recovering from it. (Been diagnosed with borderline/vaginismus/ptsd) I'm getting there. Only my vaginismus is holding me back. I had a lot of therapy and I think I'm ready to deal with vaginismus. (My thoughts had to change before my body can change her reaction) So in a couple of months I'm trying for the fourth time to heal from it. Is there anyone out here that feels this? (when grammar is wrong..sorry I'm from the Netherlands)
  • I was 19 years old and at a party in my home town. The thing about these parties was that I was always younger then everyone else when I went to them, and I was always proud of the fact that these "older guys" wanted to hang out with me and my friends. He was 25 at the time, and I had known him from other parties in the past. I paid no attention to him that night, which didn’t save me in the end regardless.  I was a young girl who began the night drinking vodka and I realized I started to feel good and let lose more. I probably even became "sloppy drunk" as they like to call it. However that is what you did at parties that we went too. That is what the guys did, that is what the girls at the parties did, and we all had a "great time" doing it. I know now I am not the only one to ever black out at a party and not remember much of what happened. I know now that men use this as a way to make woman believe that they wanted it allalong, and that they were too drunk to even care. In my head, if they are too drunk to respond yes or no to you, the answer is ALWAYS NO. However, as I am seeing over the years with so many other woman coming out with their stories, that is not the case. So the shots are flowing, the music is going, my friends and I are dancing. I have little small memories of the night, tiny flashbacks even 10 years later that I can still see. Funny how you are "so drunk" but your mind makes sure you remember certain things about the night you are attacked. He approached me, I probably flirted because why not? I was single and enjoying myself. However, I remember being really drunk a lot faster than it normally happens. I remember feeling like I was floating outside of my body, and remembering I had left my drink unattended way too many times that night. I never believed it would happen or that I was ever at risk of being a victim. However the next morning I woke up in his truck that was parked in the backyard, naked and alone. I had no idea what happened to me. How my clothes came off, or how I ended up in this truck. He was also nowhere to be found which means he left me out there and went inside to sleep. Such a gentlemen, right? I felt ashamed, upset, wanting to just scream and I started immediately blaming myself. "How could I lose control like that, how could I do that to myself". That is always the first place your mind goes is to blame yourself. I was a party girl, I needed to start making better decisions. Right? Wrong! He was a 25 year old adult, who knew exactly what he was doing when he took me into that truck. He may or may not have drugged me, as I will never have proof or be able to say if it happened or didn't happen- but I know I have drank plenty of times in my life and still was able to remember how I ended up in certain places. In this case, I couldn't remember how I got into that truck or how my clothes came off. When he came back to the truck, he said good morning and thanked me for "such a fun night". Now at this point in my life I just want my clothes and I want to go home. I couldn't find my shoes and I still remember going back to my mothers house, with no shoes and muddy feet. I remember it clear as day.  The worst part was when I got home I also got wind of all the rumors that were going around. "What a slut she is" "how drunk can someone get she shouldn't be allowed to drink anymore"- All blaming ME. He was just a guy having fun, and I was the drunk slut that should of ended it. So many of these rumors were from woman themselves which made me sad. But I can't say I never did that, that I never targeted another woman or shamed another woman for her actions. I try to be better about this now in my daily life, to support and uplift woman instead of tearing them down.  About 4 years later I saw him at the grocery store with his wife. I ended up in line behind him and I remember the sinking feeling my heart felt when I saw him. However, I stared at him, confidently, and brave- I let him know that I knew exactly who he was and he remembered me as well. He looked away very fast, and never looked back. That was the day I never looked back either. Now as a 29 year old, I can say to myself if this happened to me now I would report it. I would stand up for myself and fight back. I hope I never have to find out. However back then, 19 year old me was scared and felt shame. I blamed myself so much that I never truly dealt with the fact that I was in fact RAPED. After therapy, and taking the time to deal with so many of the things I went through when I was younger- I can proudly say now that although there are times I still think of it, I am proud of where I am today. I have done the work and I have truly healed. I know he is a dark soul and will always be a dark person with dark thoughts. I know in the end he will end up a lot more miserable than me, and I am okay with that being my revenge. I just wanted to share this because I hope anyone going through this remembers they are not alone. If you have the courage to speak out- you are amazing. And if you are afraid, you are still amazing. Being attacked isn't something that is so black and white that everyone can just say "why wouldn't she speak out". It may take years, and that is OKAY.  It is your story, and it is your choice. Just know you are not alone.  Thank you for letting me share this.  -Anonymous 
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